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Arlington 10-Year Bus Plan Update

Updates include information for transportation along Columbia Pike. There will be a meeting at Arlington Mill, Thursday June 9,from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm. read more arlington county

Premium Bus Service for Columbia Pike

Transit Development Plan

Columbia Pike Transite Service Analysis

Columbia Pike Transite Service Analysis November 2015 Analysis pdf

Pike Transportation Workshop

Arlington is developing its ten-year plan for bus service in the County. You can contribute to this plan. There will be a Transportation Workshop on the Pike on:
Monday, November 2, from 7pm-9pm at:
Arlington Mill Community & Senior Center
Multi-Purpose Room 527
909 S Dinwiddie St, Arlington, VA 22204
workshop flyer

More details and other workshop dates and locations at Arlington County

Transportation Development Plan updates

Arlington County will prepare a new Transit Development  Plan which will cover the next ten years. Public meetings will be held in Fall 2015.   In Spring 2016 the County Board will review and approve the transit service and infrastructure recommendations. Presentations will be made at community groups and they will provide for public comment at Board meetings.

Three changes for the Pike (July 2015 and July 2016 are listed in the update: pages 4 - 8 . Other Changes are listed for later dates.

ART Route 45 – Columbia Pike/DHS/Sequoia/Rosslyn
Weekdays – extended the span of service with 45 minute frequencies until 10:30 p.m. to connect night class attendees at DHS/Sequoia with destinations on Columbia Pike, implemented July 2014

ART Route 41 – Columbia Pike/Ballston/Court House Metro
Weekends – add a fifth bus in the afternoon to relieve passenger crowding and
improve on-time performance.

ART Route 45 – Columbia Pike/DHS/Sequoia/Rosslyn
Weekdays – Add a fourth bus during peak periods to improve service frequencies
from 30 minutes to 22 minutes.

Transportation Surveys

More than 3300 surveys were filled out, The county will report back in the fall:
This fall, after reviewing the surveys and other data, we will report back on the initial assessment of transit needs and possible strategies. Then, in the winter, we'll release recommendations for transit service and capital enhancements. At both points there will be opportunities for public input. Arlington County

New Designs for the Pike's Transit Stations

april 29, 2015
Columbia Pike Transit Stations

At last night's meeting at  Arlington Mill Community Center, representatives from Arlington County presented a number of new designs for the Transit Stations to be installed on Columbia Pike. They asked for feedback on the designs. The final decision on which designs will be use has yet to be determined but should be later this year. Once the final designs have been chosen all 23 of the Pike's Transit Stations should be installed within the next four years. The first eight stations to be installed along the Pike will be one on each side of the street near the intersections at Buchanan, Barton, Glebe and Oakland. One station is already installed (making the total 24) at Walter Reed, changes will not be made to that station. Transit Station Types.

We were also asked to take a Arlington County Transportation Survey which can been found online: Transportation Survey.

Pike Transit Stations

april 3, 2015
APRIL 28, 2015
Presentation at
5:30pm and repeated at 6:30pm
Learn about transportation projects underway on the Pike...meeting details
Transit StationColumbia Pike Transportation Update and Transit Stations Open House.
Come and share your thoughts on transit stations design and the future of transit service in Arlington The County has started engineering work for the Columbia Pike transit stations, based on the new design concept unveiled last year.

All members of the Arlington community, including bus riders, are invited to attend this open house and provide input on the importance of various station amenities and the proposed placement of station features.

Participants also will learn about transportation projects underway on the Pike, and planning for future transit service in Arlington.
arlington county

Post Streetcar Planning

march 18, 2015
On March 17, 2015 Barbara Donnellan, County Manager  gave a progress update on the post streetcar cancellation. Here is the presentation. In May 2015 Donnellan will provide more details on the Transit Development Plan. A county website, Moving Forward After Streetcar has been created to document progress updates. During this year the Transit Development Plan ,TDP will be analysed and updated. The county is required to submit the updated TDP to the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation by Spring 2016.

Pike Ride

march 14, 2015

Getting to Columbia Pike without a car. This video explains how to get here from any of the Arlington Metro Stations. It gives maps and rides for bikes along with Bike Share and Zip Car stations. Other car free resources are also included ... goTo youTube

Pike Transportation Planning, Post Streetcar Cancellation

feb 5, 2015
At the Jan. 27 County Board meeting, County Manager Barbara Donnellan gave an update on the shutdown of the streetcar program and the start of post-streetcar planning efforts. read the presentation.  

Pro Streetcar Announcements and Discussions

Nov 20, 2014
Arlington County Board Chair Jay Fisette announced that the Streetcar for Columbia Pike and Crystal City is being cancelled... read post

Update on Transit Stations

May 6, 2014

Today County Manager Barbara Donnellan announced plans to reduce the cost of new transit stations along Columbia Pike and improve their design and functionality, based on rider feedback.

There will be two different sizes. The standard size is comparable to the one shown on this page.

$469,000 - Standard size  station: construction, site design and project management.

$362,000 - Single size station: construction, site design and project management.

BUT it was also announced that : Construction estimate includes 30 percent contingency due to conceptual nature of the design. Even with the reduction in price it still seems expensive especially if the contingency kicks in.

 Additional County Information
Recent review of Transit Stations

Million Dollar Busstop

October 23, 2013

There's a bright shiny bus stop where Walter Reed meets Columbia Pike in Arlington. Its kinda neat and very futuristic, all stainless steel and glass with heated concrete... read post