Carver Homes, Arlington, Va

Carver Homes & Columbia Hills

Affordable Housing
March 20, 2015
Neighborhoods: Arlington View & Columbia Forest

On February 24 2015, the Arlington County Board approved two redevelopment housing projects, Carver Homes and Columbia Hills. These projects are the first within the Columbia Pike Neighborhoods Special Revitalization to be approved in accordance with the Neighborhoods Form Based Code.

The Neighborhoods Form Based Code applies to multi-family residential areas along Columbia Pike that surround its commercial centers. This innovative, optional zoning policy provides incentives for revitalization and guides redevelopment. It will help us implement the Neighborhoods Area Plan, which defines the community’s vision for transforming the Pike. The Neighborhoods Form Based Code will facilitate the preservation of 6,200 affordable housing units, encourage higher density development and connect housing to plazas, open space and transportation.Columbia Pike Form Base Code - Neighborhoods

Carver Homes

Neighborhood: Arlington View
1300 S Rolfe Street

Approved Development Proposals, Carver Drawings, Staff Report see all drawings

Carver Homes, Arlington, Va

Carver Homes (image above) is a 3.35 acre site at 1300 S. Rolfe Street, one block from Columbia Pike. The redevelopment of this site will include 50 townhouse lots with a total of 73 dwelling units. Most of the townhouses will be 3 stories some will be 2. The site will include a public mini-park and playground, along with private open spaces, and car and bicycle parking.

Historical Significance

The existing housing, (shown at the top of this page) The Washington Carver Cooperative will be torn-down., Redevelopment This community had originally been part of Freedman's Village on Robert E. Lee's former estate and were moved to the site of the future Pentagon 20 years after the Civil War.
Prominent African American architect Albert I. Cassell designed the garden apartments, an architectural type dominant in mid-twentieth century Arlington County and throughout the United States. The Carver Apartments have been a wholly African American owned and occupied cooperative since the residents bought the complex from the federal government in 1949. National Register Nomination

Although the George Washington Carver development became part of the Historic Resources Inventory (HRI) Phase 1 it never got past Phase 1 and eventually was named in the Neighborhoods Special Revitalization District list as a site whose buildings would be destroyed to make way for newer housing.

Columbia Hills

Neighborhood: Columbia Forest
1010 S Frederick Street

Approved Development Proposals

Playground Columbia GroveColumbia Hills will be built on part of the property of Columbia Grove at 1010 S. Frederick Street in the second block from Columbia Pike. Columbia Grove already has 14 garden-style buildings with 208 units of which 130 are affordable housing. Columbia Grove was renovated in 2010 by APAH.

Columbia Hills will be eight-story buildings with 229 affordable housing units

parkingt lot Columbia Grove

Columbia Hills will includecommunity rooms, roof-top terrance, a three level parking garage, bike parking and a playground and other private open space. It will replace existing surface parking and a playground. The new buildings will meet green standards. Part of the existing parking lot and playground which will be replaced by the new development .Carver HomesRevedevelop .

This development will greatly increase the density of buildings in the area and some neighbors were in opposition read pros and cons letters.