Arlington Mill, Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia

Arlington Mill Community Center

Updated 2018: August 5,
Neighborhood Center: Columbia Heights West renamed Arlington Mill
The Arlington Mill Community Center opened in Fall 2013. Its design has earned the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold.  It is located between South Dinwiddie Street and Four Mile Run where they meet the Pike

Arlington Mill, Columbia Pike

Multipurpose Center

Arlington Mill is a multipurpose center and provides diverse multicultural and multi-generational programs and services. The building has five floors and there is indoor parking which is free for the first 4 hours more information on parking at Arlington County. It houses a Basket Ball Court, a fully equipped Gymnasium, Game Room, Computer Labs and a fully equipped kitchen. On the ground floor there is commercial space.

Arlington Mill, Columbia Pike

Multiple Activities, Classes & Services

Arlington Mill has sports, camps. and classes for families, senior, teens and children. It also provides training for job skills and assistance in job placement. There is an Employment Center, Early Head Start, Prenatal Classes and Child Development, Senior Programs and Meals, Camps, Community Outreach and REEP English as a second language.

Arlington Mill Community Center
Information Desk

Arlington Mill Community Center


There are information desks on the first two floors with personnel to answer your questions along with lots of handouts and brochures explaining the center's activities along with other county information.

County links

Teens also includes information for other community centers
Weekly Schedule
55+ Guide.

Commercial Space

Updated September 16, 2018

Phoenix Bikes

Phoenix Bikes, Columbia Pike
Phoenix Bikes, Columbia Pike

Phoenix Bikes, Columbia Pike
Phoenix Bikes moved in last week. In 2017 the county approved a 5 year lease for Phoenix Bikes in this space. In addition to the space on the first floor they will also have 225 sq ft of storage space and 495 sq ft for office space on the fourth floor.
In the past they have been a couple of coffee shops that were supposed to move into this space but there plans did not pan out. See History of this Space.


The center has a small plaza which backs onto 4 Mile Run and also has steps leading to Columbia Pike. In addition to a playground which is used by the pre-school programs (times are listed for when it can be used by the general public) and rental bikes the Plaza is also be used to accommodate festivals, movies, a farmers market and community events. Four Mile Run can be accessed via stairs which are located near to the indoor parking entrance. From time to time I will add some of the activities that go on in the Plaza.

Arlington Mill Community Center
steps to columbia pike
Arlington Mill Community Center

Arlington Mill Community Center
Arlington Mill Community Center

Farmers Market
Farmers Market  more photos and information
Farmers market
Farmers Market

Updated October 16th 2017
The Jr. League organized the children's event Parachute which was held in the Plaza last Saturday

Arlington Mill Community Center
jr league's parachute
Arlington Mill Community Center

Updated Last Tuesday, August 22 was the Our Shared Streets Pop-Up in the Plaza at  Arlington Mill more info & photos.

Transportation Pop Up at Arlington Mill
Arlington Transportation Partners shared streets pop-up
Transportation Pop-Up at Arlington Mill
shared streets pop-up more

Arlington Mill Community Center
Arlington Mill Community Center
Civil War Trails Sign, "Skirmish at Arlington Mill"

Across Dinwiddie

The Arlington Mill has its main doors on the ground floor facing the courtyard and on the second floor facing Dinwiddie Street. Across Dinwiddie is the Columbia Pike Plaza
Columbia Pike Plaza, Columbia Pike
columbia pike plaza

Across the Pike

Across the road from the Center is a 7 Eleven at 4970 Columbia Pike and behind that is Jim's Automotive at 4961 South 10th St Jim's Auto backs up onto Four Mile Run There is also Infinity Apartments across from 7Eleven at 955 South Columbus Street. Dinwiddlie becomes South Columbus once it crosses the Pike.

Infinity Apartments, Columbia Pike
infinity apartments

Jims Auto, Columbia Pike
7eleven, Columbia Pike

Jims Auto. Columbia Pike
4 Mile Run
jim's automotive

Arlington Mill, Columbia Pike


Commerical Space

The commercial space is on the first floor facing the Pike. Initially the 'Pan American Bakery and Cafe' was supposed to open here, but the lease was terminated before they moved in ... ArlNow . In January 2015 the Arlington County Board approved a 10-year lease for the restaurant and gourmet coffee shop 'Root'. ArlNow reported in May 2015 that the lease for the Root Cafe was in the process of being terminated ...ArlNow . Since then the space has been use for a few county events and for the last few months (January 2017) is serving as a Pop-Up Gallery for the photography show Living Diversity which shows the diversity of the population living along Columbia Pike. This show has attracted many visitors to the Center.

What Was There Before

Before the Arlington Mill Community Center was built on this lot there had been a temporary community center. The previous building was originally built to house a Safeway Food Store which was there for many years.

Old Community center on Dinwiddie
Old Community center on Dinwiddie